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Interview with Jerusalem Grill

Jerusalem Grill is a family business with a passion to provide Boca Raton with the best shwarma, falafel, and other Israeli style foods. It has loyal customers who travel from afar, knowing they can count on the delicious flavor and freshness that Jerusalem Grill is known for. Today we sat down with the owner – Mr. Avraham Arev, to discuss his background, his restaurant, and plans for the future.

While we were waiting for our meeting, we saw a handful of customers come and go. Each one was served with a smile, patience, and love. Yes, love! Mr. Arev, together with his wife, Rose, love what they do. They are passionate about food, and serve with all their heart. They answer questions with patience, explain what every dish is made up of, and put their all into every customer.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend you pay a visit. Feeling lazy? Just call in your order and receive free delivery to your door with any order over 20 dollars (or use Uber Eats or Kosher24 for delivery for orders below twenty dollars).

Mr. Arev is so confident that you will love his food; which is why he is currently offering an exclusive discount. Mention “10OFF” to receive ten percent off your next order. (Only once per person, please do not use twice).

And now, here are some snippets of our conversation:

Q: Did you always know you would own a restaurant one day?

A: I’ve been in the food industry for a long time. I owned my first restaurant in Israel when I was just 17 years old, and I’ve been in the food industry ever since. So, it’s not much of a surprise.

Q: What makes your restaurant special?

A: I would say it’s our variety, freshness, and prices:

Variety: We have over 20 types of various salads to choose from! Most customers have never seen so many options.

Freshness: Each salad is made fresh, twice daily (except for cooked salads). We grind our own falafel, & we grind our own meat. We make our own french fries, and even our own sauces. My wife doesn’t believe in anything premade, so everything we serve is extremely fresh.

Prices: Lowest prices in Boca Raton. You can’t beat our prices.

Q: What’s the hardest part of the business?

A: There is no hardest part – we absolutely love what we do! Serving food is our passion and our love. Seeing our guests’ positive responses and good reviews – it’s the best thing.

Q: Any plans for the future?

A: Yes. We just ordered a very exciting machine from Israel that has two parts to it. It’s a shwarma machine, and also a laffa maker. So, in a couple of weeks, we will be making our own laffas right in front of our customers, and we will also have two different shwarma options; we will always have baby chicken shwarma, and then we will rotate between lamb, veal, and turkey.

We are also considering expanding our store to the neighboring storefront, as well as looking into the possibility of opening two more stores in different neighborhoods.


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