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Where to golf range?

Looking for a great night activity? How about visiting a golf range.

There are a few options locally (within 35/40 minute drive).

Drive Shack

Drive Shack in West Palm Beach is a great place for fun. Drive Shack’s one-of-a-kind experience mixes a high-tech golf driving range and games, with an upscale sports bar atmosphere. Visitors get to rent their own bay, with comfortable seating, and bar options. Each bay can play up to six players, and cost $27 - $47, depending on the time of the day. You have to reserve a minimum of two hours.

Top Golf

Top Golf in Miami Gardens is another great choice. It is basically the same idea as Drive Shack, and the pricing is very similar as well, ranging from $24 - $48 per hour. On Tuesdays, everything is 50 percent off, so prices range from $12 to $24. That is a great deal!

Aqua Golf Driving Range

If you want something more low key, chilled out, and easy going, try Aqua Golf Range in Pembroke Park. Its a no thrill range. You pay for a bucket of balls, and swing away, hitting the balls into the water. Its not nearly as nice as the first two options, its real simple & old school.

Sim U Golf

Want something differant? Try Sim U Golf at Pampono Beach. This is a fully indoor virtual golf range. You hit the ball into a huge screen, and the simulator does the rest. Its $45 an hour for a group of four.


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