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Three Must Know Websites For A Boca Vacation

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Are you visiting Boca Raton for a vacation/getaway? Great choice! There are three websites that you must know about for your trip. Here they are:

1. KosherBocaRaton.Org is the go to site for anything Jewish/Kosher in Boca Raton. The site features all the Kosher restaurants, Shuls, updated daily minyanim times, things to do, rentals, and so much more. It's your complete guide for a Kosher Boca Raton vacation.


A Boca Raton getaway is not complete without spending quite some time in the pool. If you rent a private villa with a pool - you're in luck. But due to the high demand and lack of availability, as well as the steep price tag, some vacationers choose to stay at hotels instead. But that's ok - thanks to swimply. allows you to rent private pools by the hour. So if you don't have your own pool, Swimply is your answer.


Do you want to ride a jet ski? Perhaps you just want to lazy on a pontoon? Or do you want a real yacht experience? All of these options, plus more, are available at At GetMyBoat, you can rent boats off of private owners, customized exactly to your needs. Choose whether you want a captain or not, length of rental, type of boat, location, etc..

Tip: If you search in Boca Raton, there are not as many options. Search in "Hollywood", which is just 25 minutes away, for much more available rental options.


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