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Shabbos Food Guide

Welcome to Boca Raton. Visiting here for Shabbos is a great choice. But who wants to start cooking on vacation? Nobody! Thankfully we have some great choices for Shabbos takeout food, here is the complete guide:


Ditmas is one of the local restaurants, and they offer a great Shabbos takeout menu. $125 for four adults & two kids. Orders must be placed by Wed night. Click here for menu.

King David

King David is a local caterer that offers great options for Shabbos meals. Packages range between $100 to $140 for four people. Click here to see menu.

Grove Takeout

Local Kosher Supermarket with an amazing takeout. Anything you need and anything you can think of - is here.

Aroma Market

Local Kosher supermarket with a great takeout section. And make sure you pick up some chocolate flakey dough rugalach while you shop - simply amazing!!!

Winn Dixie Supermarket

Local Winn Dixie carries huge Kosher selection, as well as a takeout section as well. Not as heimish food as the other choices, but super great prices!!


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