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What are the reliable Kosher symbols in Boca Raton

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to address what are the reliable Hasgacha symbols that you can trust in Boca Raton. If you are a local, you most certainly know this already - but we hope this will be helpful for tourists.

It's actually pretty simple - there is one main Hasgacha here; its called ORB. It stands for the Orthodox Rabbinical Board of Broward and Palm Beach counties. It certifies basically all of the Kosher restaurants, and it is a good Hasgacha.

UPDATE: There are some restaurants starting to get hasgacha from KM - Kosher Miami. This is a great hasgacha!

Some establishments are certified by national Hasgacha's, such as OK and OU.

- Note: We always encourage visitors to double check that the restaurant is still under Hasgacha. Although we try our best to maintain the site and keep the information updated and accurate, things can always change without our knowing. You should always either call, or check when you arrive at the establishment - that it is still certified kosher.

- One last note: There are a few ice cream stores in the area that have kosher certificates hanging on the front door, but they are not really Kosher stores. When examined closely - the certificates do not certify the store, rather they certify a specific ice cream flavor (ex: vanilla yogurt manufactured by Ben & Jerrys). These stores have no Mashgiach, and therefore can not be trusted that they are actually serving that specific ice cream.

KosherBocaRaton specifically reached out to the OU to address the issue, and they told us that this is a big issue that happens in many ice cream stores. The OU stressed that these stores should not be trusted, and that we should spread the word.


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